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Andrew Stamm (photography)

A gallery of my photography. I prefer candid street scenes, and have a certain fondness for capturing museum patrons. My preference is for natural lighting and a 50mm lens. Post-development is done using Adobe's Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6. My goal is to the capture small moments of strangers as they pass by unaware of the camera lens

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After finishing an intense program at Dev Bootcamp in Chicago, I'm now a full-time web developer. Over twelve weeks I devoted myself to learning Ruby while pair programming. I built multiple database driven projects with Sinatra, Rails and JavaScript. Testing along the way, using RSpec and Capybara for both model and integration tests. This site documents some of my early development projects.

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Andrew Stamm Design

I have over a decade of experience in Graphic Design and Web Design, as well as freelance experience doing wedding invitations. This site has some samples of my work.

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Andrew's Haikus

A new haiku, every Wednesday.

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